Nondestructive Testing


    Our consulting services include the development of the complete Inspection System of the Company, in one or several NDT methods, for all types of parts, components and equipment:

    Procedures Design
    Selection of Inspection Techniques
    Establishment of Acceptability Standards
    Personnel Qualification and Certification

    The success stories are countless, the best companies with the best equipment and the best technicians look to us for support in special cases and in the improvement of their systems.

    Our courses have a design work of more than 20 years and are taught on request at the Customer’s Plant, with his equipment, procedures, parts and specific inspection problems.

    Radiographic Testing level I and II..
    Radiographic Interpretation.
    Ultrasonic Testing level I and II.
    Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement.
    Penetrant Testing level I and II.
    Magnetic Testing level I and II.
    Leak Testing level I and II.
    Visual Testing level I and II.
    AWS Welding Inspector.
    PND Introduction.